About this project 

Funded by the National Park Service Shared Beringia Heritage Program, Ice Bridge is a series of intimate portraits of people making a difference within Beringia. Each profile is focused on an individual whose life, work, or research tells a larger story that is insightful and instructive to the overall community. The aim is to connect and inform those in and outside of the region at a time when the whole world is looking toward the North.

This is a critical time in Beringia. A shifting climate has increased attention North in an unprecedented way. New opportunities in natural resource development, science and technology are generating interest and investment, but also present immediate threats to cultural, social and environmental norms. Individuals, communities, government organizations, and businesses are all looking for ideas and solutions, but media is largely focused on one dimensional stories to local audiences. We are talking to ourselves instead of to each other. Ice Bridge aims to change that in a simple way. Over three years, award-winning journalist Elizabeth Arnold will research, write and produce audio stories and multimedia portraits posted on this website. By year two, these profiles will be translated into Russian on the same site. The goal after three years is the additional participation of other professional and civic journalists on both sides of the Bering Strait, and a continuing stream of content.

The project is a pilot beginning with the people who live and work in the region of Beringia. The long term goal is to expand the project to the entire circumpolar North.